Table of Contents

Computational Physics, Python notes

websites that would help for further study:
Gallery of different plots using matplotlib

Books: Chapra nd Canale, Numerical MethodS for Engineers, Chapters 2-4

Lecture2 part1
Lecture2 part 2 - setting password
Lecture2 part 3 - setting password 2
Difference between while loop and for loop
Lecture 2 part4 Lists and average of the list containing numbers
lecture 3 part1 - loading and doing operations on a file with single column
lecture3 part2 lading a file with two columns
lecture3 part3 for loop
lecture3 part4 functions
lecture4 part1 basic plotting and saving it in a pdf.html
lecture4 part2 learning more about plotting.html
lecture4 part3 scaling of x and y .html


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