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How did they do it?

This is about finding out about the journeys of experiments, theories and scientific enquiries that have been done by our scientists. I am interested in the stories of how they have done it I have been trying to find out but currently, I can’t think of what should I find out about. That is why I would write the ideas one by one as I get them.

  1. how did Coulomb define and verify Coulomb’s law?
  2. how did we come to the current understanding of the nuclear model of an atom and the history of the discoveries and models of the nucleus
  3. how did Schrodinger develop his equation and what are the challenges he faced in developing it?
  4. how did Heisenberg discover the uncertainty principle?
  5. How did Max Plank give his hypothesis and give the fundamental constant h to the world?
  6. How did the idea of vectors develop? how did they develop the basis for vectors that helped so much in the scientific study? what is the history of vectors?


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