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Formulation R&D Scientist : Pharma

Job title: Formulation R&D Scientist : Pharma

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Job Description:

R&D Scientist - Formulation Scientist

Pharmaceuticals/ Biotechnology/ Clinical Research

Required Candidate profile:

Education : Doctorate / Masters in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Industrial Pharmacy, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry.

Experience : 5 - 10 Years

Position : Research Associate to Research Scientist

Location : Hyderabad


  1. In-depth understanding of physical pharmacy, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, chemical reaction kinetics is a must.
  2. In-depth understanding of various pre- formulation and formulation studies including excipient compatibility, forced degradation studies and unit steps in formulation manufacture is a must.
  3. Experience with pilot-scale and manufacturing-scale equipment is a plus.
  4. Experience with process analytical technologies (PAT) is a plus.
  5. Conduct API, excipient, packaging or device characterization; excipient compatibility and forced degradation studies.
  6. Develop robust lab-scale, pilot-scale and commercial-scale manufacturing process based on Quality by Design (QbD) principles using design of experiments (DOE). Recommend stage appropriate acceptance criteria. Utilize PAT where feasible. Utilize relevant statistical tools, as required.
  7. Review and analyze relevant stability data from lab-scale, pilot-scale and commercial-scale, R&D and GMP stability studies by utilizing industry standard modeling and analysis tools including regression analysis for shelf-life prediction. Develop and implement strategies to control related substances, where applicable.
  8. Draft high-quality industry standard technical documents (protocols, reports, technical memorandums, position papers etc.).
  9. Independently draft and/or review standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  10. Maintain effective and pro-active communication and coordination of activities with multi-functional stakeholders.

About Cellix bio:

Cellix Bio employees and teams apply sound science to develop and deliver medicines that focus on unmet medical needs around the world. Our current prescription products at various stages of development target to serve patients across therapeutic areas including metabolism, immunology, infectious diseases, neuroscience, ophthalmology, and oncology.

Here, everyone matters and you will be a vital contributor to our inspiring, bold mission. You will help make an impact on people’s lives and change futures every day. We are equally committed to bringing out your best and fostering a collaborative workplace built on trust and respect.

We empower our people to take charge of their potential. We offer training and leadership development programs tailored to help you build valuable skills and succeed in your career. As you discover your potential, your professional and personal future will become brighter.

What do we do?

Founded in 2014, we are the leading drug discovery and development company. We generate our own drug design data before combining the critical power of AI with the creativity of involving proprietary platform technology, Synergix AITM and expertise of our world-class scientists. This allows us to shorten the pre-clinical drug discovery stage and, in turn, substantially accelerate the delivery of new treatments to patients worldwide. By reducing the number of compounds analysed, we aim to vividly reduce the time and cost of discovering and developing new medicines. Cellix Bio balances Synergix AITM plus human creativity in the drug discovery.

Our targeted discovery process enables the creation of new markets and solutions to both old and new problems. Driven by the speed and accuracy of our platform, Synergix AITM accomplishes in months what previously took years, saving tens of millions in research and development costs. Each of our lead candidates are unique with powerful therapeutic benefits. The molecular entities that we discover are the first of their kind and patented.

Using our Synergix AITM drug discovery platform and the insights from our successful drug development and clinical data, we can identify synergistic pharmacology between bio-actives, combining them to address disease related biochemical pathways and targets. However the rubrics of drug discovery are very complex - not all are known and some are not readily describable as a restricted set of moves.


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