Geographical Data of India for Govt exams

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Geography details of INDIA

  1. India is situated between the latitudes 8° 4’ to 37° 6’ North & 68° 7’ to 97° 25’ East longitudes.

  2. Total area of India is 32,87,263 square kilometres.

  3. Distance from north to south east 3214 km and east to west is 2933 km.

  4. Land frontier ( settlement land)= 15200 square km

  5. Coastline is 7517 km

  6. India shares its land border with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. It shares Maritime water with Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. And also shares Maritime borders with Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia through Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  7. Laccadive sea is present around Lakshadweep Islands, around Sri Lanka, around Maldives and south west of Karnataka, west of Kerala and south of Tamilnadu.

  8. Palk Strait and gulf of mannar separate Sri Lanka from India.

  9. Andaman and Nicobar islands are about 1200 km from the mainland.

  10. Southernmost tip of mainland India is Kanyakumari while southernmost in India is Indira point in greater Nicobar.

  11. Northernmost point which is under Indian administration is Indira colony, Siachen glacier.

  12. Territorial waterproof India extend into the sea to a distance of 22.2 km from coast baseline.

  13. Chin hills, kachin hills , deeply forested mountain regions are present in the far Northeast separating India from Burma.

  14. Kanchanjanga on the border between Nepal and Indian state Sikkim is the third highest peak in the world and highest peak in India with the height of 8598 m from sea level. 15) Climate across India ranges from equatorial in the far South to alpines and tundra in the upper recess of Himalayas.